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The Lenses step further, bromide or iodide their lenses ray ban sunglasses online buy containing silver, in the light, the light energy of the lens is broken down into silver halide and halogen atoms, the lenses become darker in color, and when the sun disappears lens silver and halogen atoms and was bound state, the lens color lighter, it becomes transparent "Storm day drove sunglasses to see more ray ban sunglasses buy clearly?"Encounter while driving rain, even if the wiper blade appropriated for the fastest one block, the driver is still difficult to see the front of the line of sight and distance between vehicles, then after dark glasses, you will find, hidden from all sight downpour seem to have become gone, suddenly became much clearer vision Ե When traveling online buy ray ban sunglasses to see the white under the snow would be particularly harsh on the road and want to streamTears, likely to cause visual fatigue, a "snow blindness", resulting in traffic safety hazard

ʮ If the sunny outdoor, brightness will float within a wide range, brightness of 1,000 lumens shade,buy ray ban wayfarer sunglasses and there are large areas like highways and other concrete areas, brightness of 6,000 lumens Election sunglasses, pay attention to wearing comfort and ensure clear line of sight Because dark glasses will not only make our vision darkened, and make the pupil larger, so that the amount buy ray ban wayfarer online of ultraviolet pupil more of the lens and retina damage range becomes wider, which tends to induce glaucoma , cataracts

Available in this day and age there are angular Men Ray-Ban Meteor and buy ray ban wayfarer cat's eye shape of Ray-Ban Laramie seriesTherefore, choose sunglasses should recognize "UV400" logo, this logo have only explanation that can withstand ultraviolet radiation

Wang Lijing representation, uv400 is an international standard that can buy ray ban usa filter out more than 96 percent of UV rays All mixing colored light rays in the visible spectral range is colorless, i Polarized sunglasses on the market, some products use a resin having a thickness of 0,

Sunglasses color to gray is better, because it causes minimal color distortion, color buy ray ban sunglasses uk sense the best, try to avoid the choice of yellow or red lenses In this regard, experts Weapon, buy sunglasses should pay attention to:12, coloring lenses: its effect is the same as the color of the lens, only made in different ways, it is the color applied to the lens surface, above the deepest color then buy ray ban sunglasses online gradually down light

, then the glasses up and down around the goal should not have swing and wavy deformation Other lens colors such as light blue, light pink, with its decorative than practical In fact, you know, this world is not the lack of a single product, but the lack of discovery of buy ray ban sunglasses cheap a single product in the eye

Polarized sunglasses can reduce the threat caused by harsh sunlightBaoji City Jintai hospital ophthalmologist Tang Chunli introduction, if visor above the seats can solve the problem of dazzling sunshine, generally do not recommend the use of sunglassesAlthough this season's buy ray ban sunglass fashion circles were once sweeping color frame sunglasses, but simple atmospheric black sunglasses still popularƴUnlike conventional box glasses, round glasses brought us a playful and retro feel

Parents of children in the purchase of sunglasses, lenses best color is gray, brown buy ray ban shop can also be followed䳬ϸ˫ Right now, Black is not the main selling point, the new color film, gold mercury, mercury blueGreen mercury, gray sheet, brown sheet

Walking in the streets of downtown, a cat's eye sunglasses can definitely make buy ray ban polarized sunglasses online you stand out in the busy and the vast sea US study found that out of the habit of wearing sunglasses, people can reduce the risk of cataracts buy ray ban polarized sunglasses by 40% A new green lens glasses appears, the Ray-Ban brand was born

Bad glasses can cause retinal damage"When consumers buy sunglasses, buy sunglasses to clear their aim is to" shade "or" decorative ", blocking the sun visor mirror can play a role, in order to reduce eye fatigue due buy ray ban online usa to over-regulate, or caused by the damage caused by light stimulation, there is a class of light-colored sunglasses, mainly play a decorative role, when the sun is not strong when you can use" Liu Qin said, but the last two days with a high temperature people travel by car increased demand, the polarizer is also very popular,buy ray ban online "in order to filter the sun shone on the water, parallel to the direction of the land or snow on the stimulation light on the lens perpendicular to the special coating is added, it is suitable for prolonged outdoor wear like to go fishing, seaside exposure, what skiing used when The design and manufacture of frames is also excellent, no matter under what buy online ray ban sunglasses circumstances, can make people comfortable to wear

Outdoor activities green lenses eye fatigue for useKaren Walker Eyewear was founded in 2005, since the popular worldwide"Bvlgary (Bulgari) was founded in 1884 and headquartered in Rome, Italy These direct exposure to light people's eyes, will make people buy online ray ban eye discomfort, prone to fatigue, and can not be sustained depending on the material, depending on the object that also was not enough clarity

Indeed, from the 1950s through the 1970s, in addition to Audrey buy cheap ray ban sunglasses Hepburn, it was another of the most appealing is the cat's eye sunglasses Icon Princess Grace fans Overall, the film is better than radical change becomes With a variety of mosaic and gold, wood or precious stones, best place to buy ray ban sunglasses leather boundless sunglasses, you can become a fashion trendCoach