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1940s, ordinary people began to follow the pilot, black polarized ray bans wearing new sunglassesRay-Ban glasses to glass-based, strong shading effect, one hundred percent of all lenses are able to block harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared rays while filtering harmful raysKim Woo-Bin This sunglasses for him, no way was old-fashioned, advocating sporty mirror he was wearing this brand more youthful vitality And another polarized ray ban aviator limited series Ray-Ban Ray-Ban Ambermatic2012 limited edition of Science and Technology is a big fuss in the lens, the exclusive use of amber light and heat sensors lenses, lens color can change with the different colors of light and polarized ray bans on sale heat, making the field more clear visual profile

The brown and yellow lenses have a role to improve the brightness, the ray ban black polarized aviator color of objects with minimal distortion for foggy, dusty city In Group 85 anniversary of the introduction of this series of course has its unique significance, and the number of each is also a collection of neatly controlled 85 in What kind of glasses for you, take a look at the face and sunglasses choose ray ban original wayfarer polarized between tricks

Specific to Chongqing drivers that summer which is more suitable to wear sunglasses that do?Dai Chao said, generally better absorbance of light gray lenses most suitable family carĘ°

Experts suggest that the summer driving it is best to wear polarized ray ban polarized black sunglasses, the lens color is best to choose brown and gray In fact, sunglasses polarizer can be considered belonging to a class, but the more sunglasses polarizer belonging to a class of high-grade, ray ban polarized difference general sunglasses polarizer has no effect, the effect is that we can effectively block and filter out all ray ban polarized sun glasses kinds of polarized light harmful to the eyesWhat style of sunglasses in the end the tide? Great concave shape artifactHepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany" in which she wore oversized sunglasses with the spread of that section of the film quickly became popular Small square collar white shirt ray ban polarized sunglasses for women with a high waist pleated knee skirt, and then put on a pair of black round lens sunglasses, makeup and red lips with exquisite rendering, elegant style

Relaxed fashion senseThis is an invitation dress code appears in a column up to Oh! It means ray ban polarized sunglasses sale relaxed fashion wear Alexander Wang gray T-shirt withRay-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, jeans and the same pink pink green Converse shoes, very suitable for cycling weekend outing

At the time of purchase, we can put the eye glasses in front of 30 cm to detect whether an object ray ban rb3025 polarized seen through the lens produces distortionDifferent scenarios how to choose the right sunglasses?Summer, UV is very strong, if not pay attention to protection, the eye is very easy to be "invasion" Yes, sunglasses can effectively block ultraviolet rays"Ultimately, ray ban tortoise polarized the book appeared in the list of authors are: punk pioneers, The Stooges frontman Iggy Popp (Iggy Pop), The Smiths band Johnny Marr (Johnny Marr), British actor Tim Roth ( Tim Roth), US rappers Pharrell Williams (Pharrell Williams), "Rolling Stone" magazine founder Yang

Special note: Many sunglasses are substantial remedies ray ban wayfarer polarized black, then decided according to the length of the face of the size of sunglasses, to expose the eyebrows as the standardSprout has been mentioned in microblogging, American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) survey shows that only less than a third of American parents give children know to bring a protective effect of sunglassesPink lenses: can absorb 95% of ultraviolet ray ban sunglasses wholesale and short-wave visible lightHe told them that this is not true, the children really need to wear sunglasses - in fact, they need more than adults

Chung, from Kate Bosworth to a public street shooting-type people, have ray ban wayfarer wholesale interpreted a man named ZANZAN Eyewear sunglasses brands Because the gray can be integrated into a variety of spectrum, it will not change the basic chromatography little effect on the color and brightnessÓ¦,Summer to pay attention to the selection of sunglasses lens color can not be biased 5:00In the hot summer, strong sunlight of the human eye ray ban wholesale sunglasses are difficult to open, glare even would cause serious damage to the human eye, then you need sunglasses against the glare and ultraviolet

Many women would feel troubled that round fleshy face, chin will be relatively short wholesale ray ban sunglasses face is not long enoughHow to choose their own sunglasses?Brand, founder of Mr This face is wide and large, giving a strong sense point of view, if you choose a circular collar, but emphasizes the broad sense, without significantly large square face, is full of personality, the United States should emphasize wholesale ray ban wayfarer individuality

Frame aspect, exclusive materials and improved material is very popular, with the lens is also very rich, mirrors and gradient levels of cool effects to make the new material more engaging sunglassesWear sunglasses are wrong to blameIt is understood that these two wholesale ray ban wayfarer sunglasses incidents have one thing in common, that is, the driver wearing sunglasses darker accident occurred while out of the tunnel

4% Many colors sunglass lenses on the market, there are brown, gray, green, but there are red, yellow wholesale sunglasses ray ban and so onYellow, gray, brown is the preferredFrom the color point of view, to resist the effects of yellow, gray, brown sunglasses UV best